We believe that the words you speak light up the path of direction you will take. If you speak negatively, then you will tend to move in a negative direction. But, if you speak positively, you will tend to move in a more positive manner. To start every presentation that we do in a positive manner, we have created the YEEP Creed.

YEEP Creed

“I have the ability and knowledge, to take control of my financial future; by working towards goals I have set, I am destined for success; not influenced by negativity, I have my own identity; I will overcome problems and stress, or any other issues… to obtain my success!”

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A magazine for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view!
Our superhero who teaches ages 0-12 years of age key financial principles.
Family Achievement Chart System is our family budgeting system.
Youth Financial Inter Cooperative is our financial literacy program aimed at high school students.

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