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In order to effectively run this program, we must raise money to develop tools that are engaging and effective. Some of the ideas we have are: A book, live presentations, a 3D animated cartoon that can reach younger kids everywhere. And much more!

Our Philosophies

Positive Thoughts

1We believe that the words you speak light up the path of direction you will take. If you speak negatively, then you will tend to move in a negative direction. But, if you speak positively, you will tend to move in a more positive manner. To start every presentation that we do in a positive manner, we have created the YEEP Creed.

YEEP Creed

2“I have the ability and knowledge, to take control of my financial future; by working towards goals I have set, I am destined for success; not influenced by negativity, I have my own identity; I will overcome problems and stress, or any other issues… to obtain my success!”

Positive Thoughts

3Thoughts produce actions. Actions produce habits. Habits produce character. Character determines your destiny.

Money Follows Vision


Our goal through this organization is to help young people pursue VISION. We believe that participants that can understand vision will have the ability to see beyond the hopelessness of their situation and strive towards endless possibilities of financial prosperity. This is our main focus to end poverty. We are compelling people to pursue their vision rather than money because “Money Follows Vision”.